Saturday, 9 May 2015

Walking in luminous forest in The Age of Gold

When the sun slept the forest awoke and became luminous. Walking slowly amongst the trees, each one alight and glowing and different, I was bewitched. Family's of butterfly and moth. Family's of golden beetle, silver beetle, diamond back beetle. Each step of mine was a musical note, sometimes a drum and sometimes a harp.

'Fruit Owl' and 'Berries' dining at the tips of the trees saw me and sang a note of welcome. I returned a their friendship. 'Berries' flew down, around me and returned to 'Fruit Owl' and to eating.

Tonight I would revisit Pearly Pond with it's fish and frog families, 'The Shining Lights' and 'The Ever Glowing'. My friends were nearby enjoying their own experiences. I was taking them there, walking to The Pond, their bare feet on lichen and moss made music that blended with the forest sounds. The Shining Lights, in their hundreds, swam back and forth, up and down, round and around. I delighted in watching them, drawn into their world. I bent down to look closer and they came towards me in a clump and collectively their light increased. I put a hand in the water and they swam amongst it, tickling, stroking, sucking on my skin. It was their way of greeting me. It was their way of greeting everyone and everything.

The 'Ever Glowing' did things quite differently. They hopped, they crawled, they sat still. But mostly they hopped. Tonight was different. They were all the colours possible and each one glowed and some even sparkled. I lay on the ground and they formed my outline and began to sing to the night. Such a sound it was, and each note and change in pitch was emphasised by changing colours which silently flashed and sparked.

The Luminous Forest, one small corner of in The World of the Perfect Kings and Queens, created by free and open minds, by elevated thought, by effort of another time, another age, had it's beginnings a century before this night. Tonight, unknown to me, I was reaping the fruit, experiencing the reward, of minds open to the treasures of silence, stillness and quiet.

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