Sunday, 24 May 2015

In order to fly the flag of victory practise realising your victory is guaranteed.

Today I observed my spiritual army. I saw all were different based on their understanding. There were the great warriors, the cavalry and the infantry. What was the difference between them and how could I tell? The great warriors always had the faith that they would be victorious, always! The flags of this division flapped strongly in the wind.

The calvary, intoxicated and happy to be part of such a spiritual army, didn't always have the faith that they would be victorious. Their divisional flag flapped strongly at times but hung loosely at other times.

The infantry tried hard to hoist their flag, they tried hard but they were lacking in their faith that they would be victorious in battle and their flag wouldn't fly. I tried to instil faith in them by telling them the correct method but they didn't even notice because they were too busy trying to get their flag to fly. I knew that the battle would be won when all the flags were flying. What was the reason their flag of victory doesn't fly constantly? Because the troops never rehearse before the battle. There is lots of talk of victory but talk and action are two different things. What should be rehearsed before a battle and when should that rehearsal take place. This is what I told the troops.

"You must experience the attainment of all relationships with me, your spiritual commander, and remain in that experience for all times. You must remember me and my truth and my knowledge of the battles that are taking place within you and without you. When you realise the necessity of doing this and do this you will attain easy victory."

"You need to play with the knowledge of the self and the reality of the battle you perceive. You must remain in the realisation of the truth of the self and then all will become easy and your victory will be guaranteed."

This rehearsal has to be practised over a long period of time.

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