Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Age of Sweet Princes and Princessess has long gone

Yes, those were the days! Charming, beautifully mannered, naturally respectful and fabulously polite. Wonderful human behaviour that always meant one had lots of friends. That's the proof niceness, people will like you, want to be in your company, knocking on your front door. 

The Perfect Kings and Queens were never lonely. There was a party most weekends and everyone was invited. The food was exquisite and fresh. Nothing came out of a packet or a tin. The drink was fruit juice, picked straight from the tree and squeezed in the hand. The Perfects didn't need alcohol or drugs to have a good time. Their loveliness was all that was needed to fuel the party or occasion. They were a truly great bunch of divine individuals who were permanently happy, content and very friendly. 

They, The Perfects, were always in the now, present, tuned in to what was happening around them. Most of their communication was through the power of their calm minds and intuition. Living in those days, with those people, was so easy, stress-free and enjoyable. Their minds were still and peaceful and they thought deep and slow yet simply. The whole kingdom was like that. 

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