Monday, 11 May 2015

The present becomes the past, the future becomes the present and the past becomes the future.

Uncluttering the mind and setting it free is the aim of The School of Perfect Kings and Queens. Minds left to soar and explore in an environment unhampered by fear and anxiety will create a beautiful and harmonious world. Such a world is the result of 'The Perfects' unfettered minds. But who exactly are these characters who seem to enjoy themselves no matter what they do? Where are they now, at this very moment?

They are amongst you as you walk and talk and go about your business in this world of extremes. They are using every minute, every circumstance as an opportunity to unlock their minds, to knock down unnecessary structures and boundaries, to kick down fences, to brake chains. They do it in silence, however, so they don't stand out in a crowd. They are setting themselves free and will set themselves apart in the process. They love to share their method of change but not everyone is listening.

They are here amongst you, sat in cafe's, standing quietly at bus stops, merging into the background, but they are very vigilant, not of others but themselves. They are the unseen, travellers in time and space, the unknown warriors,  and they have an aim and objective fixed firmly in their soon-to-be-free minds.

When their minds have become pure like 'driven snow' they will be ready and big things will happen for everybody. When their intellects are strong and their minds cleaned they will be revealed as the masters that they are. They will demonstrate, by their actions, how to live freely, unaffected by circumstances, how to 'be themselves', how to live a life of 'love'.

They are here now and they are working to create a better world for everyone. They are using the powers of silence and remembering to transform this old world to new. Of course they'll succeed. Myths and legends are the memory of that time so long ago or just around the corner. Nothing is new in this world. The present becomes the past, the future becomes the present and the past becomes the future. The students of 'The School' are the knowers of the three aspects of time.

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