Friday, 23 July 2021

In the golden age the living beings have happiness as well as peace.

The Wonderful Journeys of Alvr

Light filled my eyes and with the light came a warmth and a golden glow. I moved my hand before my eyes and the skin was lit from within and trailed minute stars in its wake. Or so it seemed. I turned my body over, rolling across mosses infused with the tiniest flowers of all colours and the most exquisite smells. The dragonfly, above my head, buzzed and watched me with interest and friendly gestures. I felt the breeze from its wings upon my cheeks as it landed on the tip of my nose and gazed into my eyes, one at a time. I moved carefully and stretched and it still remained. I think I have a new friend.

I could hear water, like a song. It was near to me, I smelt its fragrance. It felt my presence and played tunes, it seemed, just for me. Every note was mine and touched my heart. I felt I was within a dome made from a continuous string of diamonds and pearls and each one sparkled and shone in time with the music of the water. Moon and Jupiter were fully exposed and alight in the sky this night and ablaze with an opulence that made me gently breathe in. I gazed fondly at Moon and travelled to its luscious golden surface and sat awhile, looking back at Earth, my beautiful home. To and fro, here and there, with a single thought, within a second.

My friend, the dragonfly, had been joined by his companions and they weaved a dance above my head, their wings sending a collection of colours that settled upon the nearby trees and shrubs and leave me clothed in a tranquil palette of rose-gold and bluebell-silver. Each moment was a feast of delight, a scene of continuous pleasure and wonder.

Something brushed my toes and I sat up, resting upon an elbow. At my feet was a family of the tiniest, furriest animals I had so far seen in this life. No surprises here as I was a traveller and each day brought something new and exciting for me to tell all my friends and family when I return from this current sojourn. This land, where I had landed three days ago, had surprised me more than most even though I was used to being surprised. Such a variety of sweet-smelling, eye delighting plants and animals


Thursday, 17 September 2020

912,000 Days

 There are approximately 912,000 days in the golden and silver ages. We will not experience one moment of sorrow in any one of them. Not one moment! We’ve heard this so many times but it is nonetheless such an incredible thought. Not the slightest sorrow for such a long time.

We are training our minds to see the beauty in each and every moment and in everything and everyone. The result of our training is Heaven on Earth. It isn’t by magic the Satyug comes but as the result of what we are learning to do now. Not one moment of sorrow for 912,000 days! Amazing!

Golden Age - Post by Phillip

 Satyuga is a time of constant joy, delight, awe and wonder for everyone on the planet. Every moment of every day will be filled with the happiness that only purity can give. A small population of fun-filled virtuous people and the whole of planet Earth to explore.

Our connection and regard for Nature, the flora and fauna, at that time, will be the highest and the most harmonious. The sights and gentle, sweet sounds of Heaven will infuse themselves into our every waking hour. There will be so much beauty to behold and all the time in the world to do it.

Each day will bring a natural excitement that only fresh experiences of such beauty can bring. Who would want to sleep at such a time? Night time, completely safe, will be as wondrous as the day. Unimaginable, incredible stars and planets, shining and sparkling in a darkened sky, the glowing night insects,  the illuminated fur and feathers of nighttime animals. The radiating flowers and plants.

Heaven, the result of pure minds and unlimited imagination, awaits our disengagement from this old world. Holding the vision of the land of delights firmly in our minds will surely usher it into being.

Golden Age Description - Post by Phillip

 In Satyuga it will be a common experience to become lost amongst the flowers. Our landscapes at that time will be oceans of blooms of the most intense, vibrant and subtle colours. In some places the flowers will grow above our heads so when we stroll within them we will easily lose our way. 

Of course we won't be at all bothered by this. We will have all the time in the world to become immersed in the colours and fragrances of the moment. It will be as if the passing of time has ceased to be. We will be like children, filled with joy, awe and wonder.

Then there will be the butterflies. Some small (and I'm sure these would settle on your nose and hair) but most quite large that if you reached up and gently took hold of a leg, the butterfly would easily and happily, lift you off of the ground a short way. Or a long way?

Becoming lost and immersed amongst the flowers would be a frequent occurrence in Heaven. Perfectly warm days could easily be spent like this. We have the whole world to explore and the flying craft to do it in. The flowers would differ, just like the butterflies, around the world and so we would never tire of such fun activities.

We create Heaven with God's guidance. In order to do this we must think about it, visualise it above all else. This old world has had it's time and the new world is just over the horizon. We need to find each other, those that believe such a thing is possible, and direct and focus our minds forward in time to Paradise. Only then will it come into existence.

Golden Age Music - Posted by Dian Ariani

Golden Age Music

Golden Age Music

 When we souls are pure and complete so will the elements be as well. 

This is interesting to speculate.since 1937 think of the advancements as the ancestor souls become more powerful and light aware. Technology seems to follow human consciousness. My engineer sons are already exploring water and light and quantum physics. 

Their teachers are building smart homes that respond to the atmosphere and the human. Ie opening and closing walls and panels almost like living in a conscious dynamic caring shelter rather than a tiny enclosed box. 

Harnessing soul energy and babas current is practice for ruling matter then. When we at returned to our pristine conditioned. 

Remember we teeny tiny star-like beings have infinite unlimited power at the beginning. (which is really now) with the illusion gone from our eyes. 

I faintly remember power being generated with a combination of the elements somehow. Everything was alive nothing inanimate.

I Once Had A Dream

 I once had a dream

Of beings so tall

Majestically gliding

Ne’er sound of footfall

Elegantly peaceful

Tender, joyous, so wise

Communing in love

Through radiant eyes

In silence we ‘spoke’

With no audible voice

Clear thoughts attuned

Each exchange a rejoice

Each being unique

In dress and demeanour

Each moved with an air

Of unconscious rare splendour 

Resplendent in hues

Hitherto unseen

Our garbs, as our minds

Regal, rich and serene.

We lived played and loved

With exquisite delight

With innocent power 

Without fear, without night 

For the sky was ablaze 

With bright stars close 

And starlight caressed us 

As we gently reposed 

Til small golden birds 

With jewel tipped wings

Woke us at dawn 

To laugh, learn and sing

With a chorus of soft and 

Tinkling sweet sound

That blended with nature 

And harmonised our ground

We lived with integrity

With truth and clarity

With no awareness of 

Our great natural divinity 

Each attentive to each

And each loving each other 

With aching pure sweetness 

That gave glorious happiness 

Everything natural

Everything pure

I once had a dream 

This, and much more....