Monday, 27 February 2017

Worlds Apart

Our materialistic focussed world has driven a wedge between our inner and outer worlds. We sojourn internally every time we sleep but how much of that world do we remember or understand. Our current lifestyle sends us exhausted to sleep until we are wrenched back out again by the waking alarm clock or smart phone. For my spiritual health, I need to reclaim my territory as it is the basis of all health in the outside world.

So let's start to break the habit of undervaluing 'what lies beneath' and begin some practises that will help me reestablish my connection with myself. I have been thinking about my sleep patterns and am about to change them. I follow a spiritual discipline that encourages early morning meditation, beginning at 4am. I have been doing it for years, because I like the results it brings in my life. Clarity, stability and peace of mind to name a few.

It's always slightly bothered me that I rarely recall my dreams. I have always thought that they were very important and even though I have tried to cultivate a habit of writing them down when I awake, have never succeeded in this. I guess my understanding of its benefits haven't been so clear to me. I'm going to begin trying again but with some new ideas I have been having, as an incentive.

I believe in the Golden Age of mankind, a time full of virtue which ensured peace and harmony on the Earth. I've been thinking a lot about that time, what it was like, the day to day habits and activities. I've reached a conclusion that we don't have the same sleeping patterns there. There would be no need to as everything is in harmony, there is no pain and suffering and what ever we need is available naturally. So, easy stress free days. No crashing in to bed at the end of the day, exhausted.

Our minds were pure, our thinking clear, clean and powerful, so matter, the whole world including our bodies were new and energetic, hence our bodies would not need hours of sleep to repair and replenish themselves. So we would have drifted in and out of sleep, except we wouldn't have called it sleep. We would have drifted between our inner and outer worlds, effortlessly and often during the day. It would have been a two way street. A constant taking inside from the outer world and bringing outside from the inner world. Fashioning matter in the outer world from creative ideas of the inner world. Our inner worlds are fluid, free, rich and unlimited, not restrained by space and time. Fertile soil for creation.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sleep Before the Fall

In the coming time of perfection, where life consists of fun and games, where everything we need is provided for, what need will there be for long exhausted sleep? Even a few hundred years ago, in the west at least, sleep patterns were different. A first and second sleep seems to have been the norm, with creative, energetic times in between the two.

At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past, a book by Roger Ekirch, reveals that until modern times, when artificial lighting, especially street lighting, allowed us to stay awake longer, a lot of people would go to bed around sunset. The time spent sleeping was split into two sections – known as first sleep and second sleep. See also: biphasic and polyphasic sleep

So in The Golden Age, a time when human beings were at their most virtuous, when human toil was unknown and life was lived without labour or fear, sleep patterns would have looked nothing like they do today. Today we often collapse exhausted into bed after hours of activity which more likely than not, drained us of our physical and mental energy, only to be awoken unnaturally by an alarm clock or iPhone app.

In a virtuous world, night time would be a safe environment in which one could freely wander and socialise with human, animal and plant without unease and fear of harm. Even the animals at that time, freed from the concern of being eaten by vegetarian humans and other animals, exhibited a nature of gentleness and curiosity towards the other occupants of planet Earth.

I wonder if, in those times, there was even need for bedrooms, as privacy was unheard of and any sleep that was required, could be had at any time, at any place, safely and easily. Being free from regimented days, timetables and schedules, we could nap when and where we pleased.

In those times, the difference between the wakened and sleep states would be very blurred, as we meandered between the inner and outer worlds. The 'sleep' state would bring unbridled creative energies into play, free from space and time we could conceive in such a way that our creations would be unbounded and unlimited. Emerging from that state of consciousness we would replicate our inner world into the outer world, producing the most wondrous arts, dance, song and architecture to share with others.

How wondrous night times would have been in that glorious age. With the changed planetary positioning, Saturn as the exemplary sun and a night sky brimming with the other planets within the system, up close and personal, sleeping would not be an option for everyone. What a delight nighttime would be. Wandering in forests under reflected planetary lighting, laying on soft grasses gazing at a unpolluted night sky overflowing with heavenly bodies.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Lakshmi and Narayan do not have knowledge of the Three Worlds

Here's an artist's impression of the first Emperor and Empress of Satyug, Heaven, Golden Age or The Garden of Eden. She is called Lakshmi and he is Narayan. They are the first rulers of a dynasty that will exist in constant peace and harmony for 1250 years. All the Empress's and Emperors will go by the name of Lakshmi and Narayan.

That's their first child they are holding. It is a boy. It's his first birth in the new world. The first child is always a boy in Satyug. He'll have one sibling, a sister and that is all. It's the law. Sounds crazy, right?

Well then, how about this? The child was conceived through the focussed power of the mind and not through sexual intercourse. After conception the new body grew in the same way as today, in a womb. The spirit entered that new body after it was about 4 or 5 months old. He was born in the same way, down the birth canal and into the outside world. The joyous process was painless for both mother and child. Just the conception was by mind or 'yoga' power. Yoga means 'union' by the way, so there's a bit of a clue in that.

Do you see the clothes they are wearing? They're made from plants. Leaves and flowers. Carefully harvested from the abundant and lush plant life of heaven and woven into those beautiful fabrics that the artist has painted. Remember cotton is from a plant. It's a flower and we use it for our clothes today. It feels great against the skin and that's why we like it. In the Golden Age no animals are hurt in anyone to serve our needs.

So, even though Lakshmi and Narayan are naturally wise and the best people in the world at that time to guide the population, they are ignorant of the 'big picture' that was required in their previous birth, when they studied at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens to attain their royal status.

There's not a lot to think about in Heaven. It's enough simply 'to be'. Be happy, be content, be peaceful, be joyful and the list goes on. To take birth at that time you have to acquire that nature now. Do you like the sound of that place and time? Want to go? Well, The School is free to everyone. The choice is yours. Think about it.

Friday, 11 November 2016

In The Age Of The Perfect Kings and Queens There Were No Wars

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The future Perfect Kings and Queens became wise during their study to live in peace and harmony. They lived their truth. They had lifted the veil of falsehood. They knew who they were and so their was no need to fight. They had no need to lay down their arms because they no longer picked them up. They even forgot about the ghosts of the past.

Sat, chit, anand. The truth, the living being, the embodiment of bliss. Simple really but it had taken many years of study to remember and imbibe. Now it was their natural nature. They no longer thought about it because they had become it.

Forgetting had caused much pain and sorrow. The Perfects, the trunk of the tree, had forgotten first and such was their power, others that followed them into this corporeal world, forgot too. The descent from heaven to hell was painfully slow largely because of newer beings who came with their own power but lesser wisdom. There was dancing and laughter on the downhill journey, mixed with the pain, which anaesthetised and allowed slumber instead of attention.

Today, imagining a world without war, without pain and sorrow, without any sort of conflict, is hard. Some, most, would think it an impossible dream I think. The Perfects didn't. When they heard of such a world it sparked something inside that caused them to focus and make effort to move in that direction. That something was a subconscious memory, a sense, a feeling, but it was enough for them to change direction and begin their ascent. Back to the future.

A world without war will follow the world filled with conflict just as day follows night. If you want to be a part of such a world you will have to study...with God, the bodiless being, the one who is eternally sat, chit, anand. The future world of peace has one kingdom, one direction. Nature is harmonious. Animals live harmoniously. Human beings are harmonious. It is a harmonious world based on the truth of the self. Can you imagine such a place? Would you like to be on the Earth when it was brand new? It only requires transforming your vices to virtues. God's role is to help you do that and love and support you whilst you do. It's easy, but it takes time.

This old world is drawing to a close. The play is over, the curtain about to descend. Us actors are going home to our sweet silence home of peace, Nirvana, the abode of God, our abode. We will leave our bodies, our costumes, behind. We'll be coming back here though. At the right time. When will that be? That's up to you. In the meantime, at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens, they are preparing to raise the curtain on the Drama once again.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Spiritual Power Is A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Spiritual power is accumulated when I am stable in the truth about myself. Who am I? A physical being, blood, bones, tissue etc or something else? If I don't know the truth about myself how can I know the truth about others or the world around me.

If I think I am a physical being then it appears I am vulnerable to all the traits of matter. Death, disease and decay. Such a belief can lead to fear, hopelessness and a lack of strength.

Have you noticed how thoughts can be graded from weak to powerful. Some thoughts will lift me and allow me to fly whilst others will suck me into a downward spiral that saps my energy and leaves me feeling helpless, insecure and depressed. Spiritual thoughts, the truth about myself and the world, are high octane thoughts. They uplift, let me fly like a rocket, energise me. When I am powerful I can help others. Pull them from the bog of negativity. Human beings can raise me up but they also drag me down. I need an unchanging source of power that I can rest my mind on. Focussing on such a source fills me with power.

I must train myself to only think high quality thoughts which empower and uplift. Then I can fly above the world and shine my light back to the Earth in order to help others.

I am a spirit, a powerful pure being. Thinking in this way transform me from being vulnerable and like a candle in the wind, to a self sovereign, a master of my situation, able to transform the energy level of any situation from low to high. Everyone benefits from that. I don't need political leaders to show me the way I need my own power of introspection, of silence, that awaits within me.

Desperate For Leadership Leaves Me Clutching At Straws

People want leadership. Someone who can lead them to a life of peace. They want to be shown the path that fulfils their desires. What are their desires? Peace and happiness. Peace is not enough. To have constant peace and happiness I need to be spiritually powerful. Then I can live without fear. When I am spiritually blind and weak, drowning, I clutch at straws in order to try to stay afloat. All leaders today are straws, twigs at most, clever in rhetoric but unable or unwilling to walk their talk. My responsibility is to strengthen myself. Then I can't be fooled tricked or misled.

As the world looks outward instead of inwards our spiritual essence dims and becomes a small glowing ember instead of a bright shiny flame. When my support comes from outside of myself, I am vulnerable. This is where we are today. Desperate for leadership and spiritually weakened, insure and fearful. So I clutch at political straws.

The students of The School of Perfect Kings and Queens, the Swadashanchakradari's, are learning to rule. First themselves, their inner kingdom, their conscious mind, subconscious mind, their intellect as well as their physical senses. This requires knowledge and power. When I have all relationships with God, when I become a detached observer, dispassionate, I can acquire spiritual power and transform. Change begins with the self. I can't rely on human beings at this time. I must become a sel-sovereign, then I will be strong and stable and of use to others and the world.

After they have remembered how to rule their inner kingdom they will be chosen to lead the outer kingdom, the world of harmony, peace and happiness. In the future, which is also the past, human beings were filled with all inherent virtues and therefore lived in harmony. How did this happen? How do we get to that point from where we are now?

Virtues enable me, not only to stay afloat, but to build a boat, an ark, in which I can cruise upon troubled waters. Acquiring virtues means I build an unlimited boat in which I can accommodate the whole world.

Friday, 28 October 2016

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The perfect kings and queens were taught, guided and loved by God, which is why they became perfect. They overcame the negative within themselves, the stuff they had picked up along their journey. They were taught to think powerfully, to create the highest and most elevated thoughts about themselves and others. This is why God is remembered, because of what He did, transforming negative to positive.

"Looking back, I'm amazed at what I achieved." one, now complete, self sovereign was overheard to say , on more than one occasion. "In retrospect, the method was really easy, but at the time I just kept...forgetting. Over and over I'd remind myself and over and over I'd forget."

"I had the knowledge, I had support, I had a method, but still it took so long. In retrospect I could have achieved far more quickly than I did and with greater ease. I'm lazy really, or laid back perhaps and I possessed the faculties to have made transformation a 'walk in the park'. My subconscious mind would have done 75% or more of the work if only I'd realised it. But then, that's the journey. I slowly forgot my power and attributes over time and I slowly regained them. Actually the climb back up the ladder was a fraction of the time it took to 'come down'."

Basically, adding powerful, elevated, higher conscious thoughts to the words 'I am', when it is applied to the self and repeated and 'felt' to be true, is all that is needed. Saying it, thinking it, believing it again and again is all we need to do to transform.

Words like 'I am a master almighty authority', I am a beautiful child of the Beautiful One, 'I am a world benefactor soul', 'I am a pure and powerful soul', 'I am a lighthouse and mighthouse for the world' and so on. The list is endless and these blessings, when believed will transform any soul and make him or her equal to God, a perfect king and queen.

The New World Order will be created and guided by powerful, altruistic, benevolent, virtuous and peaceful souls who learned how to master their mind, intellect, subconscious mind and sense organs. Because they became rulers of 'the self' they were automatically placed within the new society such that their influence, their atma-sphere, sustained and nurtured all that were their at that time, a time that was constantly peaceful and harmonious, a time that is remembered in 'myths' around the world as heaven, paradise, the Garden of Eden or Atlantis.