Monday, 18 May 2015

It is the task of the powerful ones to create The Land of Truth

Along the journey to becoming an angel and then a Perfect King or Queen there were many challenges for 'the ones'. Transforming the world using 'the sword of knowledge' wasn't as easy as going to aunties house for the students of 'The School'. Having knowledge is one thing, using it successfully at a time of need is something else. This is what the study is all about. Knowledge comes first and that's the easy part, walking the knowledge is something totally different. Knowledge, the truth, can awaken one from the sleep of ignorance but staying awake is something else. It's so easily to succumb to the illusion and fall asleep again. So easy, believe me. To stay awake requires an enormous amount of spiritual power and effort and at this moment in time we have become weak.

"Oh Maya (illusion) I thought I had you beat
I was so confident,
I had drawn my sword and pierced your heart.
I had removed your head and gouged out your eyes
I had stamped upon your corpse
Set fire to your hair
Eaten your heart raw,
In the delight at my victory
I feasted, celebrated, congratulated myself
Listened to the congratulations of others
And amidst all that, sleep descended upon me
And as I dreamed you become whole again
Unscarred, unharmed, untouched
And you infiltrated my dreams
And I thought I was awake
But I still slept and the dreams became....
The worst nightmares."

The world and all upon it had to wait for liberation and salvation due in part to the carelessness of the students of The School. All had to suffer longer (but according to The Drama, nevertheless) because I, us, we, failed you, initially. We have the responsibility to bring forth The Land of Truth. We are the ones who know the secrets of time, the secrets of self and we have a duty to you.

So, apologies to all, in advance but there's benefit in everything and realisation brings determination and concentration. The truth shall set us free, all of us. The age of The Perfect Kings and Queens will soon be upon us once again. Some will see that incredible time whilst others rest in the dimension of deep peace and eternal silence. However, all will benefit from the efforts of the students of The School. Faith brings victory. Victory is assured and is already written in the The Amazing, The Incredible, Identically Repeating Drama of 84 Births.

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