Saturday, 30 May 2015

True love is for the soul not the body.

Bodies are perishable and love for a body is perishable. Love for the soul, the true self, is imperishable. The soul is who we are, what we are. I, the soul, am filled with virtue and it is these virtues that are loved by others. When I am always virtuous I will be always loved.

If I want to be loved by only one I need a few virtues but also some defects. It is this combination that produces relationships in this old world. When I have defects I will be drawn to ridding myself of these (there is a subtle pull towards perfection) and this produces needs within me. When I have needs I look for someone or something to fulfil those needs. When I find that someone or something I will cling on to, attach myself to it and this attachment is what is often called love.

If I want to be loved by all I need to be all virtuous. Not just virtues but divine virtues. Divine virtues are unlimited and imperishable. When I am all virtuous I am filled with love for the self and want nothing from other people or other things. I am free and can love freely. True love isn't physical it is spiritual. Spiritual love is unshakeable and immoveable and for everyone not just a few, no matter how they present in front of me. God's love is like this but not everyone things so. When I am all virtuous I will be loved by all without even wanting to be.

Imperishable means, immortal, eternal, forever, always. Unlimited love, altruistic love, spiritual love. It is possible to develop this love but not when I think I am a body, when I am 'body conscious'. I have to realise I am a soul and remain in this awareness. This is called 'soul consciousness' and it is the foundation of spiritual love. It can be learnt or rather, it can be awakened from within you where it is lying dormant awaiting your call.

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