Thursday, 7 May 2015

In The Age of Gold the whole world is in the hands of just one.

The Perfect Kings and Queens of the Age of Gold spent a lot of time, before they graduated and became self-sovereigns, in trying to understand what a perfect world would look like. As they were learning, they were also talking and teaching others and trying to encourage and enthuse others to also think about a perfect world and how it would be.

No matter who they spoke to, there was always agreement on one thing. That one thing was that the people in such a world would be very nice. They wouldn't have any bad ways or habits. Their personality would be extremely pleasant, they would smile a lot, they were always happy, peaceful and content. To maintain that 'state of being' requires a lot of power. Personal power. Soul power. Otherwise when 'challenges' come along it is easy to fluctuate and loose one's 'stage' and becoming like a candle-in-the-wind.

Of course 'The Perfects' weren't always perfect. Before ruling the world they were just like everybody else, fluctuating, becoming unhappy at the drop of a hat. They were weak, couldn't manage their minds and were influenced by circumstances. Then they attended 'The School' and all that changed over time. They eventually discovered becoming powerful isn't such a huge or complicated thing. In fact it is very simple. The power was already within them but they wasted it in unnecessary thinking and doing. It's not that they needed to acquire power from some other source, rather to stop wasting the internal power they already had. Simple really, but how to do that?

They ('The Perfects') learned to become internally silent. They learned, over many, many years, how to become quiet, still, motionless, stationary, quiescent, internally. Then they experienced their inner power which had been there all the time. Once they realised they were naturally powerful beings anyway they could begin their own transformation.

Once they had achieved inner silence at will and the power of that silence accumulated within them, The Perfect Kings and Queens began creating their worlds in the way that they desired. They became Masters of Nature, Master Creators and Rulers of the Globe, literally and metaphorically.

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