Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The 'Perfects' had such powerful intellects they would naturally bring benefit to everyone.

The world created by The Perfect Kings and Queens was peaceful and harmonious because the residents of that past/future world had developed powerful intellects. This enabled them to discriminate and decide the value of their thoughts and feelings and only allow those that were of value to everything and everyone, prevail. They did this naturally and it didn't require any stress or effort. It was such a beautiful world because of this.

The 'world of heaven' or the 'world of hell' refers to the state of mind of the beings who inhabited those places at that time. Another way of putting it is the time of 'those with strong intellects' or 'those with weak intellects'. The type of world we live in is a reflection of the state of our intellects at the time.

When referring to 'the intellect' we are talking about a faculty of the self that is able to observe the workings of our minds and distinguish between the types of thoughts and feelings our minds create. After distinguishing the intellect should decide which thoughts to bring into action. I say 'should' but often this doesn't happen. What tends to happen is thoughts are created and put into action without this distinguishing and deciding taking place. Then their are regrets, blaming etc for the outcomes of our actions. The simple way to prevent this is to develop a strong intellect. This is the fundamental teaching at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens.

The Golden Age, The Age of Truth, Heaven, Paradise come into existence as a result of a change in the consciousness of human beings. Change of consciousness can only take place when one has a powerful intellect. We have to become masters of our minds and our physical senses. The 'Perfects' achieved this over a long period of time and if they did it, so can we.

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