Saturday, 9 May 2015

The 'Perfects' experienced silence over a long period of time in order to become sovereigns.

Inner silence is good. More inner silence is better. Being permanently silent, inside, all of the time is best of all. But is this possible? Yes, when the desire is there.

Anyone who has experienced inner silence even for a second, would know the truth of the sentiment expressed on the picture above. Yes, just a second is enough to have one longing for more. I, the author of this blog, have had many seconds and minutes of silence over the years and I am testimony to the truth of the statement. Do I long for more? More than anything I can imagine. The experience is way beyond any other experience one can have. Better than sex, better than drugs, better than....rock and roll! Way beyond. It defies vocabulary.

Experiencing the self, as I truly am, is the greatest treasure and money cannot buy it. And who is this elusive 'I' who the experience of, changes one life forever? Experiencing the self includes experiencing the self as an eternally peaceful being. Nothing convinces more than an experience.

We have created a world of noise and activity. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is "I can't stop thinking"! We, the human beings, created the world the way it is. Not the animals. Not the insects. Us. We created it and therefore we can change it. The solution is amazingly simple and easy. Once the desire is there it will happen. But the desire isn't there...yet. It will be, someday soon.

After having the desire for inner silence, one has to learn how to do it, and to keep practice doing it, again and again over a long period of time. The Ocean of Silence is the teacher of silence. The Ocean's language is silence and only when I become silent can I hear the conversation that is going on all the time. It's worth. Trust me.

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