Friday, 22 May 2015

Human beings are incapable of bringing peace in the world because they don't know who they are.

Permanent peace can never exist in the world of the Imperfect Kings and Queens. Permanent peace, just like permanent love, is based on knowing the permanent self and the permanent self isn't the physical, perishable body.

Everyone has the choice of thinking they are their body, that they are a physical being or alternatively that they are a spirit, a soul, within the body but separate from it. You can choose which ever consciousness you wish but which of the two is the most advantageous? Because that's the one you want to pick. The problem with thinking you are a perishable physical being instead of an immortal soul is the aspect of death.

Death haunts most people like an eternal shadow hanging over life. There is so much sorrow around death that it is all but impossible to be permanently peaceful as a result. If their is not peace within there can never be peace without. When I become still within, when I slow my thinking and only then, can I ever begin to understand the truth of who I truly am. Because when I still my mind my inner silence speaks to me and what is says is difficult to refute. Of course the language of silence isn't words but an experience of reality. Knowing arises from experience and that knowing cannot be extinguished by argument or debate. Or science. I don't need to wait for proof of the power of silence from science or from any other quarter, I just need to begin my journey into 'it'.

The Perfect Kings and Queens spent a lot of time introverted before they were crowned self-sovereigns.

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