Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Royal Interstate Trip

I'm just visiting New South Wales from my home state of Queensland (The Land of Queens). This is a royal trip and I am travelling with the most royal company of Delia and Lauren. Having been royal for so many births but having slipped a little towards the end of the play, we all practiced our royalness whilst in the car travelling south.
We stopped off at The Aravali Meditation Sanctuary, a most royal, off the grid bush retreat centre at Glen Elgin NSW, along the way. It was here that I met up with Trudy and her mother Tina. They were two very royal people from the local town of Glen Innes. Trudy had an exceptionally unusual hobby of making chain-mail which warriors and kings used to wear in battle in 'the olden days'. Naturally, being very royal myself, I couldn't resist trying it on and I must say it felt very good, natural and dare I say it, royal. I enclose a photo of myself in the aforementioned chain-mail. Judge for yourself the obvious royalty of the moment. The chain-mail vest weighed 12KG by the way and so you can imagine the effort required from me to appear so royal in the photo. Well done Trudy. Lovely meeting you and your mum. More about this wonderful royal outing to follow soon.

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