Monday, 19 January 2015

The Invisible Lord of Lords is arriving on Platform 10

So we set up the room in the normal way after quite a busy day. A lot of the spiritual family had visited during the day already, some bringing food to share, so we weren't sure how many would come, so just in case we put out 20 seats. The Lord of Lords, King of Kings enters this corporeal dimension to transform the world and we put out 20 chairs!

There were some 'first timers' present too, they had been part of the 'day visitors' and had become intrigued when they had overheard the conversations about tonight. So they were invited to come along and they came.

incorporeal, God, invisible, Lord, arriving, descending to earth

The arrival of an invisible character (actually two invisible characters, but more of that another time) whose form is an infinitesimal point and whose nature doesn't change or fluctuate at all, not one teensy weensy bit and yet who manages to be the catalyst to transform the nature of every individual on Earth, and matter too, would have to be 'up there' in terms of being significant, don't you think?

I managed to get the large, very comfortable lounge all to myself for the event and so I stretched out and slung a leg over one of the sumptuous arms and settled in.

It's all very different these days. Watching live, at home on a big screen via the internet, for a start. Lots of noise and waving and smart phones from those present in the huge hall in India and unpredictable behaviour from the Beautiful Traveller but everyone seems to have a great time and just the significance of the event. The significance!!

I've seen this happen many times since 1985 when I first began this particular spiritual journey, but it's still a wonder. I watched in awe for 2 or so hours and then when it was all over, went to bed. It was 3am!

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