Thursday, 12 February 2015

As the first king of the Age of Truth lay 'dying' he was thinking "I have to go and become a baby".

In The Land of Immortality changing costumes was a time of celebration. It probably went something like this, but then you've probably got your own version.

The new parents

Some time before 'CC' (change of costume) day we would intuitively know who our next mum and dad would be. I've even heard on the highest authority that we have visions of our future new home and parents. We would be going to live with people we already know because over the course of time our friends and relatives are small in number comparatively speaking. So we're a small group united by our actions (karma) and are personality traits (sanskars). I'd be your mum, you'd be my grandfather, you'll be my brother, I'd be your child etc.

On 'CC' Day

I'm going to leave my costume in this way. Find my 'favourite' tree and dress in my 'favourite' clothes. I have put  'favourite' in inverted commas because in The Age of Gold we don't actually have things, we prefer. I know, I know that's hard to imagine, probably, but think about it some more. If we prefer one thing we must dislike something else, even slightly. There is no dislike in The New World! Dislike is a sign of unhappiness with something. There is no unhappiness in Heaven! That's why it's called Heaven. But anyway.......There I am under this tree with all my closest family and friends gathered around. There's music and dance, lots of delicious food and drink (vegetarian of course), sweet conversations, lots of 'knowing' and generally a very happy atmosphere. Of course my new parents would be there, celebrating in joy and anticipation and mum would be 5 months pregnant.

The Moment

So after hours of song and dance and as the music reaches a wondrous crescendo and at the completely 'right' time  I would leave my own costume, leaving it 'propped' against the tree and enter the 'palace of the womb' of my new mother. The music would change, the dancing too from 'Au Revoir Music' to 'Welcome Music' and the partying would continue.

The Great Advantage

The advantage in knowing where your next birth will be whilst still in your present birth, but only in The Age of Truth, is that, if you wished, you could always go see your new parents at their palace and make sure everything is prepared for you in the way you want it. Like the colour of your room, your toys, etc. But because it is such a joyful, wonderful world, where only happiness exists, they'll probably be no need to do that. What do you think?


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