Sunday, 8 February 2015

3 Amazing Ways To become A Fashionista Without Spending A Dime

I don't know who writes His stuff but it never ceases to amaze me. Still on the Brisbane River but this time on the 'Gootcha' and heading back to base to set up for the bhatti. At the moment we are nearly stationary in the middle of the river as we wait for the 'Binkinba' to leave the terminal ahead. Followers of this blog will remember the Binkinba from yesterday.

So to be a dedicated follower of fashion, a fashionista, requires a powerful intellect. This you get by keeping in your intellect the titles we are given at this time by 'The One Who Knows'  and connecting to That One. It's that simple. A powerful intellect will enable you to dress according to the time. Your form is your dress! What does this mean?

1. Awareness

As is your awareness, so is your attitude. So, if you spin the cycle of time in the correct direction you will keep reminding yourself of this predestined drama and realise you are the ones who were there at the beginning. Keep reminding yourself of this and your attitude towards all things, ALL things, will be loveful, peaceful and merciful.

2. Attitude

As is your attitude so is your vision and stage. With a merciful, peaceful and loveful attitude, everything you do will be of benefit to the self, others and the whole world in general. You will become a world transformer and be part of the change that will inevitably be taking place.

3. Vision

As is your vision so is your form. Your form at this time is that of an angel. An angel is a bestower. The world needs your special, powerful vision at this time. The world has become old and ugly. You are the 'models' for the new fashion, that of a world of harmony. You have the knowledge and so you have a duty.

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