Saturday, 7 February 2015

2 Incredible Reasons Adam and Eve left The Garden of Eden (and it had nothing to do with a snake)

When the Earth was new, before entropy had really left its mark, nature was pristine and every living thing on The Earth was at peace and harmony with each other. That time is remembered in Western literature as 'The Garden of Eden', but all cultures have stories of a time, now past, when The Earth was in a state of perfection along with its inhabitants.The inhabitants in those days (and it might have been you) were masters of their minds and senses and thus, self-sovereigns or perfect kings and queens.

But something astounding happened, slowly, which modern day folks and science has still to come to grips with.

If you look around you, you will notice that everything is created new and then becomes old. I challenge you to show me something that doesn't. Somethings do this obviously and others so slowly, over such a long period of time, that it's imperceptible. So it follows that the world, the Earth, the universe, everything, is older today then it was yesterday right? A baby is born to 'die', right?

So the two central characters in this blog, Adam and Eve, who actually represent the whole of humanity, were pretty happy and content initially, but gradually, as is the way of all things, decayed over time. But what decayed?

Well their bodies would have of course, that would have been plain for all to see (there were others in The Garden as well, you know) but with the degeneration of the body also come the degeneration of the management of the mind. This translates as becoming 'subject' to our thoughts and feelings as opposed to being in charge of them. When my mind isn't under my control I feel insecure and seek to re-establish my security by attaching myself to things external to myself, like other people and things.

Because other people and things are always changing this is not a strong foundation for stability. So Adam and Eve didn't actually leave the Garden of Eden rather The Garden left them. It became old and changed from a garden of flowers into a jungle of thorns.

So the two incredible reasons were firstly, entropy, and secondly forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of the true nature of the self and the true identity of the self. With this forgetfulness, this spiritual amnesia the garden party was over and the struggle of duality began.

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