Saturday, 6 June 2015

Changing something negative into something positive transforms the world

We learn how to think so we can learn how to think differently. Why should I want to? If I am happy in my life, if I am stable and don't give or take sorrow, then my thinking is fine.

To be able to change something negative into something positive I need power. Spiritual power, soul power. Am I able to do this? If not, why not? I am a master creator. I am the creator of my thoughts, my attitudes and I should rule over my mind which creates my thoughts. It is my mind, nobody else's.

Consider what a world would be like where everyone in it managed their minds so that they only focussed on what is good and though aware that negativity exists, only looked at the good. What would such a world be like? Is it possible?

To learn how to think positively it helps to surround yourself with others that think in the same way. Company colours. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Be careful what you allow into your mind. It's not a dustbin. It's your greatest friend. Or your biggest enemy. The choice is yours but you need to be powerful to be able to decide and stick with your decision.

Seek out those who see white rather than black, the light not the shadows. Become their friends. Learn from them. Such people exist. They are often incognito but they are out there. Search for them and make them your companions. The School of Perfect Kings and Queens is full of them, quietly making effort to bring about self transformation, world transformation.

You have a dark side but don't obsess over it. Move on, because you have a light side to. Look for that by silencing your mind. Meditation helps. It is a tool for quietening your mind and allowing the light within you to rise to the service. Have you tried it? Take a step of courage and with determined thought you will be successful. The world is a reflection of your thinking. Think differently.

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