Monday, 30 March 2015

The whole world benefits from the students of The School of Perfect Kings and Queens

The aim of the study at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens is to become all virtuous and free from vice. Everyone in the world benefits from those who study well at 'The School' and achieve that aim. Only a very small handful graduate with full marks but there is a flow on affect from their success and it advantages everyone and everything on Planet Earth. How so?

The ultimate outcome of continuous virtuous behaviour is always love, peace, happiness, contentment etc. This is something that everyone wants ultimately. Whatever anyone does is always with this in mind. These qualities are a natural, inherent part of all human beings. They are internal, spiritual aspects of the self but most have forgotten it. "Peace is the garland around your neck".

We're not talking about temporary virtue here, nice one moment and ghastly the next. No, all virtuous means always virtuous. No duality, no trace of viciousness.

There has been a shift over time to valuing vice over virtue. Why? Vices give gross, relatively instant fruit which has the appearance of benefit whereas virtues have been devalued as their return is more subtle and achieved over time.

'The School' doesn't teach it's students how to acquire physical wealth or power over others, rather it seeks to inspire it's pupil's to focus on themselves and develop the 'spiritual' (inherent qualities of the spirit, the soul) strength so as they imbibe virtue and become an example to others. It is their ability to 'walk the talk' of virtue that sees them raised to the position of guides in their society. That society has been referred to as The Golden Age.

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