Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Perfect Kings and Queens Gazed on a different night sky in The Age of Gold

Walking out at night in The Age of Perfection was a vastly different experience than it is at present. The first thing that would catch ones attention at that time, would be the number of planets that were visible. Jupiter, Mars, Saturn etc (all the planets of our solar system except Venus) would be as clear as the full moon is today but much much larger. The stars would be brighter and be visible as a canopy of brightly sparkling diamonds and other gems. It would be so difficult to go to home to sleep because of the wonder of the night sky.

The night dwellers of the animal kingdom and the insects too would fill the heart with joy at their splendour. Swarms of fireflies in their tens of millions would alight on nearby trees, outlining and illuminating them in a display of multi-coloured wonder and sparkle. The coats of the animals would shine and reflect the celestial heaven's light providing joy and entertainment for those watching close by or at a distance.

Night scents from night time flowers would fill the warm air and gentle sounds of birds would captivate the senses. Oh the wonder of being out at night at such a time.

Everything was so different in that Age of Gold. The consciousness of human beings was so enlightened that peace, joy and harmony was the only state of being and all the inhabitants of the Earth, flora and fauna, benefitted from this too. Because of the different planetary alignment and different electro-magnetic field's strength and frequency, everything was easy and there was no labour or shortage of energy to do the things we wanted to do.

What a time! I'm going there, but first I have to tweak my nature a wee bit so as I never get angry, greedy, lustful, egotistical etc and only see the benefit in everything and the beauty in all things. Anyway, I've got all the help any person could possibly need in order to assist the process. A wonderful spiritual family and a Superpower always at hand to assist, so victory is guaranteed.

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