Monday, 2 March 2015

The Incorporeal Ocean is not an Ocean of Water but an Ocean of Love.

The Perfect Kings and Queens knew the incorporeal ocean is not an ocean of water but an ocean of love. Because they knew it and bathed in it regularly they were able to achieve their royal status. More than just bathing in it themselves they enabled others to bathe in it. It was this enabling that changed them from just ordinary folks to folks whom others wanted to be close to and to be guided by.

Enabling others to bathe in the ocean of love is the number one love. Why? I'd like to suggest that when one is bathed in love one can do anything. And the anything will be something nice, that's for sure.

Incorporeal God is an Ocean of Love but so what? When one is loved, spiritually, one is empowered. Spiritual love is unconditional. It doesn't judge or try to change. It is a power that enables transformation into being an ocean of love oneself. It's tangible and real but it is also subtle. I have to quieten my mind and direct it to the source in order to experience it. This takes effort but the rewards are immediate. The Perfect Kings and Queens were experts at this. They were enablers but they were not The Ocean itself.

All you need is love, right? Become those whose needs are fulfilled by learning the method of immersing yourself in the unchanging, the unending Ocean, just like The Perfect Kings and Queens did.

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Rebecca Attwood said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I feel inspired to bathe in the Ocean :)

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