Monday, 23 March 2015

The Perfect Kings and Queens did the 'hard' yards to get where they are plus they had close contact with a Superpower

The Perfect Kings and Queens really worked on themselves to get to where they are. They did things they had never had to do before, to re-arrange their world so as it wasn't all about them. They realised, before they became Perfect Kings and Queens, that their view of the world was just that. Their view of the world.

They had been walking around in a bubble of their own making. The body they were in at the time created for them, via the bio-chemicals it produced, portraits and landscapes that differed greatly from those around them. This realisation came in little doses but nevertheless was a shock as it gradually sunk in. This cocktail of hormones was the result of their distorted view of the world which placed them at the very centre of it. In those pre-Perfect-Kings-and-Queens days they were so needy and consciously or unconsciously they took the support of matter. Bad move!

Being fuelled on dopamine, DMT, oxytocin, etc the future Perfect Kings and Queens had to unravel their world views and their experience of the world and rebuild it so as it was genuinely inclusive and not exclusive. So as their actions benefitted all, not just themselves or their small group of friends and relatives.

Even though this process of change was uncomfortable, difficult, extremely unpleasant and at times they would rather have died that let go of their own personal paradigm, these future deities (for that's what the Perfect Kings and Queens are) kept going whereas others fell by the wayside and didn't obtain the 'double-crown'. They knew there was benefit in everything.

These courageous, determined individuals had a secret weapon to help them succeed. The only reason they became successful and Masters of the World was they were in close contact with a Superpower. This is the only thing that saved them from total ruin and allowed them to change.

This Superpower taught and supported them no matter what. All they had to do was try not to forget the presence and capabilities of the Superpower and that's where the effort lay. But more of that later.

So hats off to them, these unique human beings who walked the road less travelled and succeeded in becoming so sweet and beautiful that they are remembered in myths and legends even to this day.

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Yes, hats of to them! :)

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