Friday, 11 November 2016

In The Age Of The Perfect Kings and Queens There Were No Wars

heaven, hell, soul, God

The future Perfect Kings and Queens became wise during their study to live in peace and harmony. They lived their truth. They had lifted the veil of falsehood. They knew who they were and so their was no need to fight. They had no need to lay down their arms because they no longer picked them up. They even forgot about the ghosts of the past.

Sat, chit, anand. The truth, the living being, the embodiment of bliss. Simple really but it had taken many years of study to remember and imbibe. Now it was their natural nature. They no longer thought about it because they had become it.

Forgetting had caused much pain and sorrow. The Perfects, the trunk of the tree, had forgotten first and such was their power, others that followed them into this corporeal world, forgot too. The descent from heaven to hell was painfully slow largely because of newer beings who came with their own power but lesser wisdom. There was dancing and laughter on the downhill journey, mixed with the pain, which anaesthetised and allowed slumber instead of attention.

Today, imagining a world without war, without pain and sorrow, without any sort of conflict, is hard. Some, most, would think it an impossible dream I think. The Perfects didn't. When they heard of such a world it sparked something inside that caused them to focus and make effort to move in that direction. That something was a subconscious memory, a sense, a feeling, but it was enough for them to change direction and begin their ascent. Back to the future.

A world without war will follow the world filled with conflict just as day follows night. If you want to be a part of such a world you will have to study...with God, the bodiless being, the one who is eternally sat, chit, anand. The future world of peace has one kingdom, one direction. Nature is harmonious. Animals live harmoniously. Human beings are harmonious. It is a harmonious world based on the truth of the self. Can you imagine such a place? Would you like to be on the Earth when it was brand new? It only requires transforming your vices to virtues. God's role is to help you do that and love and support you whilst you do. It's easy, but it takes time.

This old world is drawing to a close. The play is over, the curtain about to descend. Us actors are going home to our sweet silence home of peace, Nirvana, the abode of God, our abode. We will leave our bodies, our costumes, behind. We'll be coming back here though. At the right time. When will that be? That's up to you. In the meantime, at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens, they are preparing to raise the curtain on the Drama once again.

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