Friday, 6 January 2017

Lakshmi and Narayan do not have knowledge of the Three Worlds

Here's an artist's impression of the first Emperor and Empress of Satyug, Heaven, Golden Age or The Garden of Eden. She is called Lakshmi and he is Narayan. They are the first rulers of a dynasty that will exist in constant peace and harmony for 1250 years. All the Empress's and Emperors will go by the name of Lakshmi and Narayan.

That's their first child they are holding. It is a boy. It's his first birth in the new world. The first child is always a boy in Satyug. He'll have one sibling, a sister and that is all. It's the law. Sounds crazy, right?

Well then, how about this? The child was conceived through the focussed power of the mind and not through sexual intercourse. After conception the new body grew in the same way as today, in a womb. The spirit entered that new body after it was about 4 or 5 months old. He was born in the same way, down the birth canal and into the outside world. The joyous process was painless for both mother and child. Just the conception was by mind or 'yoga' power. Yoga means 'union' by the way, so there's a bit of a clue in that.

Do you see the clothes they are wearing? They're made from plants. Leaves and flowers. Carefully harvested from the abundant and lush plant life of heaven and woven into those beautiful fabrics that the artist has painted. Remember cotton is from a plant. It's a flower and we use it for our clothes today. It feels great against the skin and that's why we like it. In the Golden Age no animals are hurt in anyone to serve our needs.

So, even though Lakshmi and Narayan are naturally wise and the best people in the world at that time to guide the population, they are ignorant of the 'big picture' that was required in their previous birth, when they studied at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens to attain their royal status.

There's not a lot to think about in Heaven. It's enough simply 'to be'. Be happy, be content, be peaceful, be joyful and the list goes on. To take birth at that time you have to acquire that nature now. Do you like the sound of that place and time? Want to go? Well, The School is free to everyone. The choice is yours. Think about it.

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