Thursday, 10 November 2016

Desperate For Leadership Leaves Me Clutching At Straws

People want leadership. Someone who can lead them to a life of peace. They want to be shown the path that fulfils their desires. What are their desires? Peace and happiness. Peace is not enough. To have constant peace and happiness I need to be spiritually powerful. Then I can live without fear. When I am spiritually blind and weak, drowning, I clutch at straws in order to try to stay afloat. All leaders today are straws, twigs at most, clever in rhetoric but unable or unwilling to walk their talk. My responsibility is to strengthen myself. Then I can't be fooled tricked or misled.

As the world looks outward instead of inwards our spiritual essence dims and becomes a small glowing ember instead of a bright shiny flame. When my support comes from outside of myself, I am vulnerable. This is where we are today. Desperate for leadership and spiritually weakened, insure and fearful. So I clutch at political straws.

The students of The School of Perfect Kings and Queens, the Swadashanchakradari's, are learning to rule. First themselves, their inner kingdom, their conscious mind, subconscious mind, their intellect as well as their physical senses. This requires knowledge and power. When I have all relationships with God, when I become a detached observer, dispassionate, I can acquire spiritual power and transform. Change begins with the self. I can't rely on human beings at this time. I must become a sel-sovereign, then I will be strong and stable and of use to others and the world.

After they have remembered how to rule their inner kingdom they will be chosen to lead the outer kingdom, the world of harmony, peace and happiness. In the future, which is also the past, human beings were filled with all inherent virtues and therefore lived in harmony. How did this happen? How do we get to that point from where we are now?

Virtues enable me, not only to stay afloat, but to build a boat, an ark, in which I can cruise upon troubled waters. Acquiring virtues means I build an unlimited boat in which I can accommodate the whole world.

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