Thursday, 10 November 2016

Spiritual Power Is A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Spiritual power is accumulated when I am stable in the truth about myself. Who am I? A physical being, blood, bones, tissue etc or something else? If I don't know the truth about myself how can I know the truth about others or the world around me.

If I think I am a physical being then it appears I am vulnerable to all the traits of matter. Death, disease and decay. Such a belief can lead to fear, hopelessness and a lack of strength.

Have you noticed how thoughts can be graded from weak to powerful. Some thoughts will lift me and allow me to fly whilst others will suck me into a downward spiral that saps my energy and leaves me feeling helpless, insecure and depressed. Spiritual thoughts, the truth about myself and the world, are high octane thoughts. They uplift, let me fly like a rocket, energise me. When I am powerful I can help others. Pull them from the bog of negativity. Human beings can raise me up but they also drag me down. I need an unchanging source of power that I can rest my mind on. Focussing on such a source fills me with power.

I must train myself to only think high quality thoughts which empower and uplift. Then I can fly above the world and shine my light back to the Earth in order to help others.

I am a spirit, a powerful pure being. Thinking in this way transform me from being vulnerable and like a candle in the wind, to a self sovereign, a master of my situation, able to transform the energy level of any situation from low to high. Everyone benefits from that. I don't need political leaders to show me the way I need my own power of introspection, of silence, that awaits within me.

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