Friday, 28 October 2016

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The perfect kings and queens were taught, guided and loved by God, which is why they became perfect. They overcame the negative within themselves, the stuff they had picked up along their journey. They were taught to think powerfully, to create the highest and most elevated thoughts about themselves and others. This is why God is remembered, because of what He did, transforming negative to positive.

"Looking back, I'm amazed at what I achieved." one, now complete, self sovereign was overheard to say , on more than one occasion. "In retrospect, the method was really easy, but at the time I just kept...forgetting. Over and over I'd remind myself and over and over I'd forget."

"I had the knowledge, I had support, I had a method, but still it took so long. In retrospect I could have achieved far more quickly than I did and with greater ease. I'm lazy really, or laid back perhaps and I possessed the faculties to have made transformation a 'walk in the park'. My subconscious mind would have done 75% or more of the work if only I'd realised it. But then, that's the journey. I slowly forgot my power and attributes over time and I slowly regained them. Actually the climb back up the ladder was a fraction of the time it took to 'come down'."

Basically, adding powerful, elevated, higher conscious thoughts to the words 'I am', when it is applied to the self and repeated and 'felt' to be true, is all that is needed. Saying it, thinking it, believing it again and again is all we need to do to transform.

Words like 'I am a master almighty authority', I am a beautiful child of the Beautiful One, 'I am a world benefactor soul', 'I am a pure and powerful soul', 'I am a lighthouse and mighthouse for the world' and so on. The list is endless and these blessings, when believed will transform any soul and make him or her equal to God, a perfect king and queen.

The New World Order will be created and guided by powerful, altruistic, benevolent, virtuous and peaceful souls who learned how to master their mind, intellect, subconscious mind and sense organs. Because they became rulers of 'the self' they were automatically placed within the new society such that their influence, their atma-sphere, sustained and nurtured all that were their at that time, a time that was constantly peaceful and harmonious, a time that is remembered in 'myths' around the world as heaven, paradise, the Garden of Eden or Atlantis.

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