Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Democracy is so yesterday

A kingdom is being established. Not a kingdom like those from recorded history, something different, something from pre-history when things were so harmonious there was nothing to write about, to record. The future rulers of the world, the new kings and queens, are back at school and making effort for their future role. A kingdom, as opposed to a democracy, is the way of the future, but why is that?

Democracy is so yesterday. The choices we the voters, have, is between bad and worse. If the selection is limited the results will be limited. Take a look at those who govern or seek to govern today and you'll notice one thing that they have in common.

They are deficient in virtue because they are lacking in controlling power.

As a result of this they make poor decisions which affect everyone else within society. The decisions that are made are often self-serving or advantage one group of people over another. Harmony cannot be achieved that way. If it's not good for all it's not good!

Think about it. The only thing that separates one person from another, one sovereign from another throughout history, is behaviour.

It's been such a long time since perfect kings and queens sat atop a society, that still lives today in myth, that was constantly peaceful, loveful, creative and harmonious.

Anyone can be a perfect king or a queen if they want to. It's all about behaviour, decision making and an unlimited attitude of benefit for all. To have these things one has to be personally powerful, to have ruling power, that is, rule over one's senses. Ruling power and personal power, can be obtained using the right method. Not power over others but power to rule over one's own subtle attributes, the mind, the intellect and the personality traits (sanskaras).

Today, the throne is passed to the next in line no matter what their character or ability to rule. To rule means ' to have a powerful influence over' and a perfect queen or king would, by their nature and qualities, influence the kingdom. As are the kings and queens so are the subjects. In the past qualities and hereditary rule were synonymous. It's this state of leadership that we want to reignite, here at the school. Watch this space.

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