Friday, 29 April 2016

Cultivating a virtuous kingdom

Royalty is a state of mind which is reflected in action. Being royal involves being responsible but it is also fun.

A ruler is a royal, or should be. They are mutually inclusive of each other. A ruler is a leader, one who takes the initiative and steers the thoughts words and actions of others by their own example. As is the king so are the subjects.

Learning to be royal and a world ruler takes time. An altruistic and benevolent attitude towards the self, others and the entire cosmos needs to be developed and this takes a lot of attention to ones own behaviour. It is only possible to change oneself but it's possible to influence others. That is a blessing or a curse depending on the nature of 'the ruler'.

We have heard about the misdeeds of rulers who have abused their role and subjugated those who looked to them for guidance, stewardship and direction. They became tyrannical and ruined the concept of monarchy and kingdom. However it is a far superior form of governance if the monarch is virtuous. Virtuous can be taught or re-emerged from within the self where they have hibernated due to fear and insecurity.

Seriousness and royalty are not good bedfellows. Royalty and lightness walk hand in hand if the royalty is natural and emerges from the heart. If the heart is big being royal is easy and lots of fun. Knowing the self and knowing one's heart and the heart of others is the basis of royalty. A true heart and a big heart enable one to be generous and constantly give to others. This benevolence is the basis of royalty and a harmonious kingdom.

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