Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Being royal is not about sticking your nose in the air or having a plum in your mouth.

Sticking your nose in the air or having a plum in your mouth may work for a short time, when it comes to impressing people or appearing royal. However royalty is about how you behave and the decisions you make over a long period of time. The perfect royals would die rather than unsettle the balance of the perfect kingdom. Dying isn't necessary however because the very act of achieving perfection removes any chance of poor decision making.

Perfect royals make decisions on the principle of 'ubuntu' which is a southern African word which can translate to 'if it's not good for all it's not good'. Perfect royals are wise and always put the kingdom and those living within it, before themselves. Perfect royals are so complete that they don't need anything from anyone and hence they give of themselves continuously. Oddly, in the kingdom that is created by the perfect royals under the guidance of The Magnificent One, there isn't anything to give as all things living there are complete. It's all about just being.

Having become a self-sovereign through many years of balancing extroversion and introversion they, the perfect royals, developed enough spiritual power and self-respect to make them totally suitable for the task of guiding others, of being helmsmen/helmswomen for a perfect harmonious society. They learnt how to do this by studying at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens whose syllabus is determined by The Ocean of Knowledge.

Being royal is determined by how you treat others but firstly, how you treat yourself. Others includes the animal and plant kingdoms too. The flora and fauna. Sensual pleasures interfere with one's ability to love the self and to love all others continuously. Addiction to sensual pleasures needs to be conquered on the path to becoming truly royal. This doesn't mean not enjoying this wonderful world and everything and everyone in it, on the contrary, but it means not taking anything external to myself as a support for my peace and happiness. This is the standard that is necessary in creating the perfect world, which is what our aim is at The School. Addiction however large or small is a distraction and interferes with wisdom and decision making.

As mentioned earlier, these individuals who achieve perfection were not always perfect. If they were there would be no need for them to study. They achieved the highest and sank the lowest, relatively speaking. Sinking low is the beginning of the search for the true self, ones essence. The search is driven by the faint sense of one's previous perfection. If you listen to your heart and use your head wisely you can find your path back to perfection and become royal again. You want to do that don't you?

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