Monday, 24 October 2016

Democracy Is Dead - Back To The Future

Democracy is dead. Long live the kings (and queens). It (democracy) was a silly system after all, wasn't it? Silly of us to think that being led and governed by people who were not spiritually strong enough to resist the temptations of positions of power. I think that most politicians set out with good intentions but in the end fell foul to the distractions, there own weaknesses, fears insecurities and vested interests. They're not to blame. We should have, perhaps, been more appreciative of what we had before. So what next? Back to the future and the re-emergence of a monarchical system with kings and queens who have the power and virtue to resist being influenced by the vices. Trust, honesty, openness, gentleness, strength etc are just a few of the requirements needed for those who want to apply for the position.

How to acquire such (spiritual) power such that one can remain immune from temptation, such that temptation doesn't even exist? It is only possible to rule (guide, lead) others if one is a self sovereign so that's where the effort is required.

If my belief is that I have descended from other species, was once primitive and evolving to a more civilised state of being, then it is likely to require greater effort to transform than if my belief is that virtues are inherent within me and just have to re-emerge. So why not cultivate a belief that I am innately good, peaceful and virtuous so as transformation is easier?

If I can overcome the vagrancies of my mind and steer it in the direction of positive, benevolent, altruistic thinking then I will change my nature over time and become able to draw the line of my destiny in whatever way I want.

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