Monday, 6 April 2015

Something is holding this world together in it's present form and that something is us!

There are only two teachers at The School of Perfect Kings and Queens. One is bodiless and is named Shiva and the other is life itself.  Neither of these two can make you learn and change however. Learning and changing is dependent on you and you alone. That's a blessing or a curse depending on your attitude. These two teachers are a perfect combination if you have the fortune to realise it.

Shiva, being bodiless, needs a body to be able to teach us. So Shiva borrows one. Without a body we can do very little. We can't talk, speak, walk or think. Actually we can't 'do' anything, we can only 'just be', but that's okay too, according to the time.

So bodies are very important but it's not who we are. Bodies are our spacesuits that allow to experience this world. If I forget this, however, and think I am this spacesuit things get a little awkward for me. That kind of materialistic thinking and feeling forces me to experience sorrow because my thoughts become weak and negative and the world around me is affected by that. If everyone or many are similar to me, i.e. think they are their spacesuit thus having weak and negative thoughts, then 'Houston, we have a problem'.

Matter (particles) can behave like a particle or a wave. Even though many of us know this we don't behave as if it is so. We often act as if everything in the universe is solid and permanent but it's not and science is slowly re-discovering this. I say re-discovering because this is ancient knowledge. Our minds, our thoughts and feelings effect matter and many minds have a greater effect on matter. Most of the world lives with large amounts of fear, anger and greed etc so the world around us reflects that. This world hasn't always been the way it is today but the transformation has been very slow and hence difficult to observe.

Shiva never thinks he is his borrowed spacesuit and so his mind is always clear, precise and self-aware. That's why he is the best teacher but, although available to teach everyone,  he is hard to find and so many miss out from his direct teaching. Still, those who seek shall find, so anyone with the desire for truth will find him and depending on the strength of their desire, learn from him, directly or indirectly. Then this world will transform from it's old, decaying state of the present to the brand spanking new world which is waiting in the future.

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