Monday, 27 February 2017

Worlds Apart

Our materialistic focussed world has driven a wedge between our inner and outer worlds. We sojourn internally every time we sleep but how much of that world do we remember or understand. Our current lifestyle sends us exhausted to sleep until we are wrenched back out again by the waking alarm clock or smart phone. For my spiritual health, I need to reclaim my territory as it is the basis of all health in the outside world.

So let's start to break the habit of undervaluing 'what lies beneath' and begin some practises that will help me reestablish my connection with myself. I have been thinking about my sleep patterns and am about to change them. I follow a spiritual discipline that encourages early morning meditation, beginning at 4am. I have been doing it for years, because I like the results it brings in my life. Clarity, stability and peace of mind to name a few.

It's always slightly bothered me that I rarely recall my dreams. I have always thought that they were very important and even though I have tried to cultivate a habit of writing them down when I awake, have never succeeded in this. I guess my understanding of its benefits haven't been so clear to me. I'm going to begin trying again but with some new ideas I have been having, as an incentive.

I believe in the Golden Age of mankind, a time full of virtue which ensured peace and harmony on the Earth. I've been thinking a lot about that time, what it was like, the day to day habits and activities. I've reached a conclusion that we don't have the same sleeping patterns there. There would be no need to as everything is in harmony, there is no pain and suffering and what ever we need is available naturally. So, easy stress free days. No crashing in to bed at the end of the day, exhausted.

Our minds were pure, our thinking clear, clean and powerful, so matter, the whole world including our bodies were new and energetic, hence our bodies would not need hours of sleep to repair and replenish themselves. So we would have drifted in and out of sleep, except we wouldn't have called it sleep. We would have drifted between our inner and outer worlds, effortlessly and often during the day. It would have been a two way street. A constant taking inside from the outer world and bringing outside from the inner world. Fashioning matter in the outer world from creative ideas of the inner world. Our inner worlds are fluid, free, rich and unlimited, not restrained by space and time. Fertile soil for creation.

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